Carrie Underwood Just Revealed Her 'Storyteller' Tracklist In THE Coolest Way

Each song is a 'chapter' of her new story, and we tried to read into every detail.

Carrie Underwood might be a country queen by day, but apparently she's also kind of a tech whiz by night.

Because late Wednesday (Sept. 9), she rolled out the cover art and track list for her fifth studio album, Storyteller, by way of a sophisticated social media series that gave each and every "chapter" (a.k.a. song title) its own Instagram mini-movie.

Which means we just got a pretty significant preview of all her new tunes without hearing a single note. Whoa.

First, peep the cover art for Carrie Underwood's new 13-song album, featuring a messy-tressed Carrie donning an old school country blouse and boots combo.

Carrie did say that her new album, which drops on Friday, Oct. 23, will be more "twangy" than her four previous albums, so it looks like her outfit's well in keeping with that theme.

As for the song titles, we read a lot into each and every one of these short vids and made a few predictions about 'em based on what we saw.

"Renegade Runaway"

We're all just a bunch of tumbleweeds blowing in the wind, right? We're thinking this'll be an empowerment anthem to kick things off.

"Dirty Laundry"

The fact that this dress is red makes us think its owner is a total troublemaker. We're about to hear some DRAMA.

"Church Bells"

Anyone else get a wedding vibe from this title? No? Just us?


We have a feeling this might be the tune she said was written about her baby son Isaiah because love at first thump is totally a thing.

"Smoke Break"

Well, we'd heard of this one already, so we know already that this song is about stopping to take a break from the chaos of life-stuff once in a while for sanity's sake.

"Choctaw County Affair"

Magnolia flowers are suppppper southern flowers, and they're supposedly symbolic of nobility, so we're thinking some blue-blooded family strife's gonna go down here for sure.

"Like I'll Never Love You Again"

That record player doesn't look broken, so we predict this'll be a classic heartstring-tugger.


This odometer's going at full speed and the tank is full, so the message we're getting here is that it's going to be quite a ride.


Phone ringing off the hook? Coupled with that title we're guessing this is talking about the old school version of a drunk ex-BF text.

"Clock Don't Stop"

As the title suggests, the clock in this vid is moving, ticking its way from around 1:15 to 1:30. But we're guessing this is about what the clock represents -- time? Life? Number of heartbeats? Hopefully it's something much less cliché than all of those options.

"The Girl You Think I Am"

Now this is what we're talkin' about. Girl in a cape with rad fist cuffs? This has gotta be one of Carrie's signature ballads-o-badassery.


Somehow, we suspect this will not be a re-make of the James Taylor classic, but this image of a sun setting over a calm water way leaves the possibility open.

"What I Never Knew I Always Wanted"

Something about a rocking chair? Maybe breakfast at Cracker Barrel? Shrug.

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