Welcome Back, 'Scream': These 13 Moments From The Season Premiere Gave Us Chills (And Thrills)

That time the new killer spilled blood? Unforgettable

MTV's Scream kicked off its second season this week like a good old-fashioned rollercoaster ride: Its unexpected twists and turns left us with a pounding heart (run, Emma, run!), a slight case of nausea (that death scene) and, overall, total exhilaration.

Here are the top 13 moments from the show's season premiere that gave us more than a few chills and even some thrills (thanks, Brooke!). Check 'em out, tell us your favorite, and be sure to watch an all-new Scream on Monday at 11/10c!

When Lele Pons bit the dust


Looks like her day job as a Vine star is easier than this new gig.

When Audrey got a disturbing text from her 'conscience'


Or maybe it's just a new killer f*ing with her mind.

When a hooded dude photobombed a selfie and no one noticed


Hell, everything in that movie theater scene FREAKED. US. OUT.

When Audrey got that very first phone call from the new killer


And he used a voice modulator app a la Season 1's Piper! Ahh, memories.

When Brooke swam in lingerie

One word: flawless.

When Emma dreamed about intestines

Okay, that was just gross.

When Jake stepped in that bear trap


He already got stabbed in the chest last season. Hasn't The Jake suffered enough?

When the Season 2 madman approached

No, apparently The Jake hasn't suffered enough.

When Stavo made a digital illustration of Emma -- covered in blood

We'll be keeping an eye on you, buddy. And not just because you're kinda hot.

When Audrey got a text that said, 'I know what you did last summer'


For your sake, honey, let's hope he doesn't have proof.

When Audrey found copies of the letters she'd exchanged with Piper


Scratch that, he definitely has proof.

When The Jake's suffering finally ended

But not after one last round of the most painful-looking suffering ever.

When Emma saw what looked like the killer

Yeah, we screamed too.