Kris Allen Says 'No Boundaries' Just 'Didn't Work' In 'Idol' Set

'Adding the Killers song was a, you know, boost in the energy,' the 'American Idol' winner says of his song swap.

LOS ANGELES -- Turns out there is a boundary for "American Idol" winner Kris Allen after all.

Less than two months after releasing victory single "No Boundaries," (and [article id="1611899"]defending it at the "Idol" finale[/article]), Kris Allen has already dropped the song from his American Idols Live! tour set list and replaced it with the [artist id="1244299"]Killers[/artist]' "All These Things That I've Done."

But the amiable acoustic rocker insists the switch has nothing to do with his feelings on the song -- which remain positive -- but rather chalks it up to musical flow.

During the [article id="1616438"]Los Angeles tour stop[/article] on Thursday, Allen told MTV News, "We were talking to the tour director and stuff, and it kinda just didn't work with the set."

Early tour reports from critics and fans pointed to the Kara DioGuardi-penned "No Boundaries" as "sticking out" on Allen's five-song set list, which also included his well-received covers of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine," Kanye West's "Heartless" and the Beatles classic "Hey Jude."

Allen first replaced "No Boundaries" with the Killers anthem at the Sacramento, California, tour stop and immediately noticed a big difference in audience reaction. "Obviously, adding the Killers song was a, you know, boost in the energy," Allen said.

Kris Allen fans outside the Staples Center were elated with Allen's performance Thursday night, particularly because there were no boundaries, mountains or hurricanes mentioned anywhere onstage. One Allen fan, Tatiana, gushed, "Thankfully, there wasn't any 'Boundaries'!" Another fan, Barbara, emphatically echoed, "It's better he didn't do it. He was great!"

The sentimental (and often schmaltzy) coronation song has long been a bone of contention for "Idol" die-hards. Last year's single, "Time of My Life," was renamed "Magic Rainbow" by David Cook fans thanks to one specific lyric. And two years later, Jordin Sparks' "This Is My Now" is still a go-to punch line for "Idol" bloggers like Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak. Allen dropping "No Boundaries" is the first instance, however, of an "Idol" winner distancing him- or herself from the single during the tour.

In addition to the American Idols Live! shows, Allen is hard at work on his major-label debut. (In June, Kris confirmed to MTV News that he's in the process of co-writing a song with the Fray's Joe King.) There's no word yet on whether this set-list switcheroo indicates that "No Boundaries" will be noticeably absent from his album when it hits stores in the fall.

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