Surprise! R.L. Stine's 'Fear Street' Will Also Get The Movie Treatment

'Viewer beware! You're in for a scare!'

If you grew up on "Goosebumps," chances are you eventually graduated to R.L. Stine's increasingly vicious (although slightly less supernatural) "Fear Street" novels along the way to adulthood.

And if so, you'll remember that these ultra-addictive murder-mystery stories were based in Shadyside, Ohio, and featured a slew of bloodthirsty baddies who terrorized the town's never-ending supply of vulnerable teens in over 100 (!) installments.

Now, the second-most iconic Stine series -- behind the "Goosebumps" stories of course -- will get the cinematic treatment as well.

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Goosebumps Jack Black Movie

Per The Wrap, the prolific writer has confirmed that 20th Century Fox is piecing together a movie adaptation of the series, which debuted in 1989 and has since become one of the best-selling Young Adult series of all time with over 80 million copies sold.

“I'm not allowed to say, but yeah, there’s something happening. I’m usually a loose cannon but they really didn’t want me to talk about it," the author said of the news.

If the "Fear Street" adaptation is anything like its Stine-ian predecessor in cinematic adaptation, it'll involve several different storylines from the best-selling installments, like:

"The New Girl" (No. 1, 1989)

Simon Pulse

The New Girl Fear Street R L Stine

A cute, pale blonde shows up to Shadyside High, steals a heart and then disappears. What happened?

"The Boy Next Door" (No. 39, 1996)

Simon Pulse

The boy Next Door Fear STreet R.L. Stine

The perfect boy moves in and has two girls vying for his affection from day one -- but what happened to his last GF oughta be the biggest red flag ever because, um, she didn't live to talk about it.

"The Stepsister" (No. 9, 1994)

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The Stepsister RL Stine Fear STreet

If you thought Cinderella's stepsisters were wicked AF, just wait until you meet Jessie.

"The Face" (No. 35, 1996)

Simon Pulse

The Face

A murder witness can't remember squat about what she saw except one face that she draws over and over and over again.

The Jack Black-starring adaptation of "Goosebumps" hits theaters on Oct. 16.

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