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Bob Geldof Calls On World To Aid Sudan

Almost 13 years after helping fund aid for Ethiopian famine victims with a concert and benefit single, Bob Geldof is once again calling on the world to help another African country, the Sudan.

According to the British Press Association, Geldof, who led the effort to send relief to Ethiopians by organizing the 1985 Live-Aid concert as well as the recording of a benefit single, "Do They Know It's Christmas?", told the BBC that the Sudanese government was halting food and supplies from reaching some 350,000 of its own people.

Geldof did not announce whether he would attempt to hold another concert event or whether he had been in contact with other musicians about recording another song. The ex-Boomtown Rats frontman was knighted in 1986 by Queen Elizabeth II for his role in helping aid Ethiopians.