Rowan Blanchard Is Shattering Gender Stereotypes In Her New DCOM, 'Invisible Sister'

Plus, watch this exclusive clip from the Disney Channel Original Movie.

Rowan Blanchard is starring in her very first Disney Channel Original Movie -- "Invisible Sister" -- on Friday. And it's a big deal. She's joining the likes of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, who starred in Blanchard's all-time fave DCOM "Princess Protection Program." It's an honor bestowed upon most Disney Channel starlets, but for 13-year-old Blanchard, it's especially cool.

Because for the first time ever, she gets to step out of Riley Matthews' shoes and play someone completely different. In "Invisible Sister," Blanchard plays Cleo, an introverted young scientist who accidentally turns her popular sister Molly (Paris Berelc) completely invisible.

"It's hard to find young, female characters that have layers to them, and that's something that stood out to me about 'Invisible Sister,'" Blanchard told MTV News. "It was fun to play a character like Cleo."

Cleo and Molly are completely opposites, which you can see in the exclusive clip below, and Cleo's freaky experiment ultimately brings them closer together.

"It's about sisterhood, but in an unconventional way," Blanchard added. "It doesn't portray them as perfect sisters, and I know Cleo isn't perfect. I think I was drawn to the idea that you can have two leading female characters who aren't this form of perfection."