The Lego Batman Movie Finally Has A Release Date

'The action in it is incredible,' says director.

Ever since it was announced that the Will Arnett-voiced Lego Batman from “The Lego Movie” would get his own spin-off, fans have been beside themselves with excitement.

Now, those fans can mark their calendars for the day they’ll get to see the blockheaded Caped Crusader hit the big screen.

Warner Bros. announced Monday (April 20) that The Lego Batman movie will open on February 10, 2017.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord will write and direct the animated feature with Arnett in the lead role.

“No spoilers,” Lord told MTV News back in January. “But I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it’s about, 'Can Batman be happy?' 'Wah, I’m so rich and handsome, and women like me, and I’ve got a Maclaren. Something about my parents!'”

According to Lord, there are plenty of Dark Knight interpretations to mine material from, necessary for fleshing out the embattled hero’s emotional journey and fueling the film’s action sequences.

“The action in it is incredible,” added Lord. “It’s impressive.”

Arnett, who has obviously seen parts of the movie, agreed.

“The first bit that I’ve seen was mind-boggling,” he said.

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