The 10 Best/Worst Movies to Drink Along to While Watching

Drinking games have the power to make bad movies good and good movies even better. But if you're trying to keep up drink-for-drink with the pros in some of the better-known drinking movies in cinema history, you may soon find yourself in full-on shutdown mode.

We checked out the drinking stats of "The Spectacular Now" and "The World's End" — two new movies that are mega-high on the booze intake — as well as some time-tested drinking favorites to show you just how much drinking you'd have to do to keep up in a round of "they drink on screen, we drink at home."

We've even gotten all mathematical with it, with a scoring breakdown that looks like this:

Sips: 1 Point

Cheers: 1 Point

Chugs: 5 Points

Shots: 5 Points

Oh yeah, and for goodness' sake, kids, drink along with your favorite movies responsibly.

10. 'The Hangover' (2009)

Sips: 4

Chugs: 1

Shots: 3

Total Score: 24

Inebriation Level: "I'm Trying To Cut Down" Drunk

The level of implied drinking in "The Hangover" is high, perhaps higher than any other film on the list. But the actual on-screen drinking is pretty limited, with the Wolfpack instead spending most of their time trying to piece together their night. The score shoots way up, however, if you include the infamous slideshow at the end.

9. 'Old School' (2003)

Sips: 10

Cheers: 1

Chugs: 3

Total Score: 26

Inebriation Level: Awkward Goodbye Hug Drunk

"Old School," like "The Hangover," boasts a big drinking reputation but comes up pretty short on the actual alcohol-to-mouth action. Most of the boozing takes place at Vince Vaughn's epic house party, which culminates in Will Ferrell throwing down some epic streaking. Side note: Injecting yourself with animal tranquilizer along with your favorites movie characters is not recommended.

8. 'Flight' (2012)

Sips: 11

Chugs: 4

Total Score: 31

Inebriation Level: Amateur Karaoke Drunk

When Denzel Washington isn't keeping a plane from crashing or trying to pretend he isn't drunk, he pretty much has a drink in hand. It's true that a movie about an alcoholic coming to terms with his illness after an unthinkable tragedy isn't exactly a party starter, but hey, if you want to drink along, we won't judge.

7. 'National Lampoon's Animal House' (1978)

Sips: 19

Chugs: 4

Total Score: 39

Inebriation Level: "Let's Do 'The Electric Slide'" Drunk

The most famous party movie ever is actually a bit of a lightweight compared to some of the heavier hitters on the list. To its boozy advantage, "Animal House" includes the indelible shot of Belushi chugging Jack Daniels — an image that's still splattered on the walls of unimaginative college kids everywhere.

6. 'The Spectacular Now' (2013)

Sips: 42

Cheers: 7

Chugs: 1

Shots: 2

Total Score: 64

Inebriation Level: "We Don't Hang Out Enough. I Love You Man. Why Don't We Ever See Each Other Any More?" Drunk

The budding alcoholism of party animal and carpe diem personification Sutter Keely (Miles Teller) is one of the main focuses of the high school coming-of-age story "The Spectacular Now," which also stars Shailene Woodley as a smarty-pants good girl he inevitably becomes involved with. So essentially, it's a pretty classic boy-meets-girl tale but really well-done and with a whole lot of beer and whisky.

5. 'Coyote Ugly' (2000)

Sips: 5

Chugs: 4

Shots: 9

Total Score: 70

Inebriation Level: "I'm The Most Fun Person in the World" Drunk

"Coyote Ugly" is a truly terrible movie about attractive women and the bar they occasionally light on fire and dance on. It's also kind of about a small-town girl trying to pursue her rockstar dreams in the big city ... but who cares. The point is, there's a lot of drinking in this movie.

4. 'The World's End' (2013)

Sips: 28

Cheers: 5

Chugs: 7

Shots: 6

Total Score: 90

Inebriation Level: Office Christmas Party Drunk

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright round out the Cornetto trilogy with "The World's End," a movie that's equal parts about a group of friends reuniting after 20 years to finish a bar crawl and that same group of friends fighting back against a robo-alien invasion. Hey, if the world was really ending, a bar crawl wouldn't be the worst thing to do.

3. 'Sideways' (2004)

Sips: 44

Cheers: 3

Chugs: 9

Total Score: 92

Inebriation Level: "Don't Tell Me When I've Had Enough, I'll Tell You When I've Had Enough" Drunk

When it comes to drinking, "Sideways" is like a few bottles of pinot with dinner — it sneaks up on you and hits way harder than expected. Jack, Miles and company pace themselves from start to finish sipping down enough bottles to build a fort with. However, for the record, not one of them is merlot.

2. 'Leaving Las Vegas' (1995)

Sips: 24

Cheers: 3

Chugs: 18

Shots: 2

Total Score: 217

Inebriation Level: Charles Bukowski Drunk

There are drinking movies and then there are drinking movies. "Leaving Las Vegas," a drama about a depressive boozehound screenwriter bent on drinking himself to death in a month, fits in the second category. A glamorization of Vegas glitz and booze, this is not; enough on-screen drinking to put a hole in your liver, it is.

1. 'Beerfest' (2006)

Sips: 34

Cheers: 6

Chugs: 52

Shots: 1

Total Score: 305

Inebriation Level: Get Your Affairs in Order Drunk

Like a seasoned German drinking in a Das Boot chugging competition, Broken Lizard's "Beerfest" makes the other movies here look amateurish in comparison. There are lots of great drinking moments, but our personal favorite is when Kevin Heffernan's character Landfill attempts to save his own life by drinking himself out of a beer vat. Hey, at least he dies doing what he loves.