These 13 Celebs Look Completely Unrecognizable As 13-Year-Olds

They're all such cute teenagers!

No matter who you are -- unless you're Kim Kardashian, maybe? -- being thirteen years old is an embarrassing, emotional experience. Between puberty and questionable fashion fads, odds are that when you uncover those old school picture day photos once you're all grown up, you're going to wince.

But things are a lot different for kids these days according to Anderson Cooper, who last night (October 5) unveiled his latest CNN report, "#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens," which investigated the effect of social media on today's young people. To promote the show, he and many other CNN anchors tweeted pictures of themselves at the tender age of thirteen.

It certainly got us wondering -- what did some of our current favorite celebrities look like before they'd gotten into high school? Like the cutest, dorkiest, most wonderful kids in the whole world, evidently:

Chris Pratt

Shonda Rhimes

Those glasses!

Miley Cyrus

Jesse Grant/WireImage

Stars of Disney Channel'

Miley was thirteen when "Hannah Montana" first started. Wow, how time has flown.

Anna Faris

Admit, half of us would totally have worn that hat on picture day if we were allowed.

Justin Bieber

Aw man, remember when the Biebs was just a tiny adorable child?


Kim Kardashian

Judging from this 20-year old video released by ET Online, Kim probably navigated her teen years without much of a hassle.

Nick Jonas

Scott Gries/Getty Images

MTV TRL With The Jonas Brothers

When the Jonas Brothers first appeared on MTV's "Total Request Live," the youngest of the three, Nick, was thirteen years old. What a BABY, gosh.

Wyclef Jean


That patterned shirt is definitely LMFAO-worthy.

Olivia Culpo

And now she's a former Miss America! Dang.

Misty Copeland

Who knew the famous ballerina was once a cheerleader?

Monica Lewinsky

Kanye West

Kim Kardashian uncovered this old video of West reciting a poem about Martin Luther King Jr. and shared it with her followers earlier this year. Guys, listen to him. So presh!

Anderson Cooper

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