Beatles Top 2 Million Songs Sold In iTunes Debut Week

Legendary band also moved 450,000 albums in their first week on iTunes.

It's only fitting that the biggest band in the world had one of the biggest [article id="1652456"]iTunes debuts in history. Beatles[/article] fans waited nearly a decade for the Fab Four's tunes to appear at Apple's digital store, and despite having nearly 50 years to stock up on "Love Me Do" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" in every musical format known to man, they gorged themselves on the band's music over the past week.

According to a Reuters report, the legendary rock group sold more than 2 million individual songs and 450,000 albums worldwide during their first week on iTunes.

iTunes does not provide breakout figures on sales, but Abbey Road came out as the top-selling digital album in the store, coming in at #6 for the week ending November 22. The iTunes-only Beatles Box Set collection was the next-highest-charting collection, landing at #10 on the iTunes albums chart.

Among the many charting singles, "Here Comes the Sun" landed highest but failed to crack the top 10 during a week when nearly 60 Beatles songs found their way onto the iTunes singles tally.

After years of holding out and exchanging lawsuits with [article id="1652372"]Apple Computer, the Beatles[/article] became one of the last major holdouts to join the iTunes store, until the big announcement on November 16. Though they easily bested the November 2007 debut of Led Zeppelin on iTunes, which generated U.S. digital album sales of 47,000 and 300,000 songs, the Beatles weren't able to best some contemporary acts, including Rihanna, whose Loud was the best-selling iTunes album in the U.S. last week, followed by the "Glee" Christmas album.

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