11 Burning Questions We Hope Get Answered Before 'Legends Of Tomorrow’

Get ready for the comic bookiest TV show of all time.

DC's big new crossover TV series, "Legends Of Tomorrow," arrives to the CW line-up sometime in 2016. But while we have a few months to wait before The Atom, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Rip Hunter, the White Canary and one half of Firestorm meet up to save the world together, we're still curious: how exactly is all of that going to happen, anyway?

As the premiere episodes of "Arrow" and the first two episodes of "The Flash" have shown us, both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen have a lot of troubles to deal with on their own -- you know, like stopping Damien Darhk from burning everything to the ground or figuring out just what the heck is going on with the multiverse. And in the meantime, there are still so many questions we have about how they're going to set up "Legends Of Tomorrow" on top of all that. Like, for starters:

What the heck happened to Ray Palmer?

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Obviously Ray's not dead like everyone in Star City currently thinks he is, because not only is he returning for "Legends Of Tomorrow" but he's also coming back to Season 4 of "Arrow," as teased by his appearance in the New York Comic Con sizzle reel. But how? Did he accidentally shrink himself during the explosion? Is he in "Arrow"'s version of the Phantom Zone? Is this an alternate reality Brandon Routh here to infiltrate Felicity's world and take her Ray Palmer's place? All of these feel totally valid at this point.

How is Captain Cold going to become a good guy?

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Last we saw him he was totally double-crossing The Flash and unleashing all the meta-humans back into Central City, but as far as villains go he makes the most sense for a possible redemption -- after all, he's pretty neutral evil and could probably be convinced to join a crusade if there was something major in it for him. But what could that be? And will the rest of the team have to reign in his occasionally murderous tendencies?

And what about Heat Wave?

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At least Leonard Snart can be reasoned with, even if he can't be trusted. What about his partner, Mick Rory? Dude's literally a canon about to blow.

When's the cut-off point for when the Lazarus Pit can't resurrect people anymore?

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Thea was technically still barely alive when she was brought back to full health in Nanda Parbat, but Sara's been rotting in the ground for at least a year at this point. Can the Lazarus Pit bring anyone back? If somebody found Joan of Arc's bones, would that work? Would she even be recognizable as Joan of Arc anymore?

Also, will Sara be even more messed up than Thea?

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Speedy definitely seemed a little bit unhinged the last time we saw her in action, and she was only out of commission for a few days. However, Sara was more messed up than Thea was to start out with and has a lot more discpline as far as fighting and murdering people goes. So will she ever be able to return to the person she was before, or should she just be considered a completely new character?

Why can't Victor Garbor stay on Team Flash forever?

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Is Jay Garrick going to take over his duties as older scientist mentor type? Because I am NOT okay with that, as cool as Jay is. Dr. Stein must have a good reason for moving on, though, as he wouldn't go and ditch everybody in Central City.

How crossover-y will this show be, exactly?

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The trailer for the show makes it seem like Green Arrow and The Flash will start the team, and they'll all be facing off against very similar baddies. Will you be able to follow "Legends of Tomorrow" if you aren't watching both of the other shows?

Speaking of which, how does Damien Darhk fit into the "Legends Of Tomorrow" plans?

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We know that he'll be appearing on "The Flash" and "Legends Of Tomorrow," meaning he's the huge Big Bad of the DC TV universe right now -- at least until Vandal Savage shows up, who we know is the guy Rip Hunter came back in time to stop. So is Damien Darhk a figurehead, and is Vandal the real power behind HIVE? Or is Darhk trying to summon HIVE?

Where will their city be?

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The Flash has Central City. Arrow has Star(ling) City. Will the Legends hop back and forth between the two, fixing all of the mystical stuff those guys don't have time for? Will they flee to Coast City instead? Will they start up the Justice League in Civic City (yes, that's also the name of a place in the comics)? Heck, maybe they'll just drop into Metropolis and mess with Supergirl a bit. Who knows?

Wait, who's supposed to be the leader of the team anyway?

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Is it Ray Palmer, the charismatic and compelling former executive? Or Rip Hunter, the time traveler who knows exactly what they're supposed to be doing to save the future? Judging from the way both actors talk about their characters in interviews, we're not entirely sure -- which could lead to some really interesting Cap/Iron Man-style power plays, actually.

Where does the multiverse fit in to all of this?

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As we learned in the last episode of "The Flash," there's a completely different universe known as Earth-2 where Jay Garrick is the Flash and his villain is Professor Zoom. Is there a different Rip Hunter there too? In fact, is the Rip Hunter we've already met in the trailers creating a new Earth just by traveling back in time in the first place? Basically, what even IS time travel in the DC TV universe when there are alternate universes involved?