Here's How 14-Year-Old Lil Wayne Spent His First Rap Paycheck

It was no small sum, either.

Thanks to rap, Lil Wayne has been taking home checks that look like phone numbers for well over a decade now, so a hefty payday is nothing new. The first time he earned money for music, while not on the level he earns now, was still an impressive rake.

"I was 14 years old, and my first check that I got was for $6500," he said on ESPNU's show "Power Hour." "Fourteen years old, a $6500 check, waving it at your mom, you think you doing something; she ain't bringing no $6500 check every week. That was the moment I knew I could do a little something."

But how did Wayne celebrate when he got his first ever check thanks to his skills on the mic?

"I actually gave it to her, but she didn't want a dime of it, and she gave it back," the loving son said. "She said, 'Well, I don't want it. Whatever you wanna do with it, let's go.'"

And so what did 14-year-old Weezy do?

"So I went straight to Nissan and bought a Pathfinder," he said with a laugh.

If you're wondering to yourself, "Are the laws different in Louisiana?" -- No, he wasn't old enough to drive.


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