Taylor Swift Gets In The Ring For Circus-Themed EMA Performance

On top of performing 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' Swift takes home her first three EMAs.

Taylor Swift closed Sunday night's (November 11) circus-themed MTV EMA 2012 ceremony with a circus of her own, turning her hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" into a big-top spectacle.

Appearing out of a magic trick, Swift owned the circus theme more than any other artist by channeling her inner ringmaster and donning a top hat and a dazzling red sequined blazer with tails. The pop star kicked off the performance with a wink and sassily sang the catchy words into her matching red microphone (good marketing for her latest album, Red). Sparks flew as Swift performed, and she was accompanied by a gang of fire-throwers, dancers masked as circus animals and even a clown hilariously riding a miniature bicycle.

Swift, who only first toured Europe this year, dominated the 19th annual MTV Europe Music Awards, taking home [article id="1697148"]three awards[/article], including Best Female, Best Live and Best Look, from a grand total of six nominations for the evening. But Rihanna, who was nominated for five awards tonight, went home empty-handed.

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Despite Swift's undeniable success, her three wins in Frankfurt, Germany, were particularly significant for the singer.

"This is my very first EMA," Swift exclaimed after receiving her first award in the Best Female category. "I'm so excited. This is unreal."

Not bad for a first-timer, Tay Tay.

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