The Black Keys: Michael Jackson 'Cockblocked' Us From The Grave

'It's the classic story of Dan and I,' Patrick Carney tells MTV News.

With reporting by Jim Shearer

The Black Keys rocked the 2014 Hangout Festival on Friday night, and amid the sea of fans, the actual sea and the full moon, the duo spat out some fighting words about their new album, Turn Blue.

The message? Fans must take down Michael Jackson -- an unsurprising sentiment after Patrick Carney called MJ's posthumous album Xscape "bullsh--" last week.

"It's the classic story of Dan and I," Carney told MTV News. "We want to have a #1 album, but Michael Jackson releases something from the grave and cockblocks us."

Dan Auerbach’s words onstage were a bit smoother, but echoed their battle cry.

"We got a new record that just came out this week," Dan Auerbach said after playing "Money Maker." "We hope everyone went and bought it so we can beat Michael Jackson on the Billboard charts."

The Black Keys seem determined to nab the top spot on the Billboard charts, but told Rolling Stone that it's a little unfair they're facing off against the icon's LP.

"[It's] some f--king bullsh-- that sucks so bad that it took them three years after he died to make it listenable," he told RS. "Like he had to be dead for three years for it to be released."

OK then... good luck, Keys fans. But just remember, even if you beat Jackson, you still have NOW 50 and the "Frozen" soundtrack to beat out.

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