Ciara Says '#25?' At BET Awards Did Not Allude To 50 Cent, Reggie Bush

Mysterious number on singer's robe was actually a dig at network's Top 25 Dancers list.

What in the world was 50 Cent thinking during his performance of "Amusement Park" at the BET Awards? That seems to be the biggest question that's being asked in the wake of Tuesday's show. But the second-most-asked query has to be, what was Ciara trying to say with her robe? When she exited the stage to dance into the crowd during her performance of "Like a Boy," she ended James Brown style, getting a robe thrown on her -- with a curious "25?" across the back.

Speculation has been raining down ever since. Some have said that, because Ciara is rumored to be dating 50 Cent, the 25 was a nod to their relationship. (Get it? Half of 50 is 25.) Others have said that, since she has also been linked to NFL star Reggie Bush, she might have been trying to tease her alleged relationship with New Orleans Saints player #25.

Backstage at the awards show, she shut down all the rumors and explained that "25?" was her way of questioning her placement on BET's Top 25 Dancers list, the network's recent countdown of the greatest dancers of all time. She landed in last place, at #25. When the list came out, nobody questioned such veterans as Michael Jackson and James Brown being placed above her -- but when Diddy, Shakira, Prince and even Missy Elliott were slotted above her, fans and critics raised their eyebrows.

"I don't know if you've seen the Top 25 Dancers countdown on BET; I acknowledged that," she admitted, quashing the other rumors.

"It was truly a blessing to be here," she added about the awards. "To be acknowledged by BET, BET Awards in particular, means a lot. And to be able to perform with all other the other talented performers that were there tonight really meant a lot to me. ... It was a fun experience, I was looking forward to it, it was my second time performing. I just wanted to come and show my evolution."

Ciara isn't just evolving musically -- she's also trying to expand her acting career. She says a big-screen version of the popular '80s off-Broadway musical "Mama, I Want to Sing!" is being developed and that she may have a big role in the picture.

But this summer, music will still take precedence in Ciara's life. She and T.I. are co-headlining Screamfest 2007, which starts in August (see [article id="1561752"]"T.I., Ciara To Headline Latest Scream Tour"[/article]). With Yung Joc, T-Pain and Lloyd having signed on to be the supporting acts, the tour is now totally comprised of performers who live in Atlanta.

"I'm very exited about the tour," CiCi said. "I think it's going to be a fun experience, the kids are going to love it."

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