'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Is 9 Years Old And We’re All Archaic Now

Seriously, where has the time gone?

Even though “everything is not what it seems,” one thing is definitely for certain: Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place is 9 years old today (October 12), which means all of us are ancient.

The Emmy-winning series about a family of wizards was celebrated by fans on social media using #9YearsOfWizardsOfWaverlyPlace, and even some of the show’s talent got in on the fun. Jake T. Austin, who played the youngest Russo sibling, Max, and series creator Todd J. Greenwald both shared pics from back in the day.

Austin couldn’t help himself and made a ~magical~ pun as part of his Instagram caption.

While Austin simply uploaded one photo, Greenwald shared several to honor his show’s anniversary and the fans who made it all possible.

Seriously, why was this show so great?!

Fans loved when Greenwald posted a pic of Selena Gomez doing his hair, while Demi Lovato (who wasn’t on the show) photographed the event.

At least, fans believe that’s Lovato. It’s a little hard to tell; people change a lot in nine years, you know.

Greenwald also shared a fun fact about the series.

The official Hooters Twitter account actually replied to his tweet, saying, “Sounds like the perfect food to get you through the long hours 😆.”

Of course, fans couldn’t stop themselves from sharing Mason and Alex (a.k.a. Malex) memories, because let’s be real here.

As well as Russo sibling shenanigans.

But most importantly, fans remembered the classic “Crazy Funky Junky Hat” song that deserved a Grammy and its own Broadway musical.

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