Miranda Cosgrove Hopes 'Sparks Fly' On Debut Album

'iCarly' star was 'trying to find my musical style,' she tells MTV News of pop/rock sound.

Miranda Cosgrove sings about boys and crushes on her debut album, Sparks Fly, out Tuesday (April 27). The "iCarly" star admitted that the album's lead single, "Kissin' U," is about a real-life love interest.

"The song's about your first love or thinking you're falling in love, so it's just kind of a really happy, sweet song," she told MTV News. "I did write it about a guy, and I'm afraid he might have heard it and he's going to figure it out!"

Although the unnamed guy was also the inspiration for a few other tracks, luckily for him, Cosgrove's favorite song on Sparks Fly, "Disgusting," is not. "I love songs that are a little tongue-in-cheek," she said of the song.

The project is a follow-up to [article id="1603673"]Cosgrove's five-song EP, About You Now,[/article] which found her working with a number of hitmakers, including Claude Kelly, Dr. Luke and the Matrix. With that in mind, MTV News asked what fans can expect of her sound now. "Pretty much all the songs are pop/rock," Cosgrove said. "I got to co-write on a lot of the songs. I was trying to find my musical style. I've been playing guitar since I was little."

As for the album's title, Cosgrove said it came from the first verse of "Kissin' U": "The reason I ended up naming it Sparks Fly [is because] those are the first two words you hear when you pop my album in."

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