Paris Hilton's New Puppy Is Living The High Life

Based on these photos, Prince Hilton is living up to his name.

Prince Hilton, the teacup Pomeranian formerly known as Mr. Amazing, arrived into Paris Hilton's loving arms just a few days ago on September 12.

Since then, his life has been a never-ending adventure for every single second, at least according to the buh-jillion photos uploaded to the "Come Alive" singer's Instagram. Here's how we imagine Prince's short time in the literal lap of luxury has gone down.

Day One: Met Mom at the Bowery Hotel in New York. Hello, life.

Then, I got lost in a blanket and basically disappeared. Seriously, am I even in this photo?

I was immediately tasked with learning how to navigate life in clothing. Cue "Wiggle" song.

We went "Apartment Shopping" in NYC. I'm still not sure what any of that means.

Day Two: I endured a trip to my permanent home in Los Angeles, the Hilton Doggy Mansion.

Also, I learned what a "paparazzi" is.

So. Much. Family. It's like a miniature farm in here.

Took a selfie with Mom.

Finally got to relax for, like, a minute.

Day Three: Got lost in a blanket -- again. This is getting ridiculous.

Then, I went on a epic shopping spree with Mom. For what? ALL THE THINGS.


Learned that I need to sleep more. A lot more, even though I did wake up like this. #flawless

Went shopping in Beverly Hills with Mom.

Popped bottles all night! This is how we do.

Day Four: Pulled myself together and accompanied Mom to the studio.

Still poppin' bottles ALL DAY, no matter how many blankets try to stop me.

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