Let Amy Schumer Remind You It’s Not Cool To Tweet Sexist Jokes

See her perfect response to a teen who implied she was a 'whore.'

Sometimes it’s best to leave the jokes to the comedians. Especially if you’re a budding entertainment journalist who’s calling out one of the industry’s most popular — and outspoken — figures.

That was the lesson a teen film critic learned on Monday (Jan. 18) after shaming Amy Schumer’s sex life on Twitter. Jackson Murphy, a 17-year-old who runs the website Lights-Camera-Jackson, posted a photo he took with Schumer at Sunday night’s Critics’ Choice Awards, where she picked up a trophy for her starring role in “Trainwreck.”

“Spent the night with @amyschumer. Certainly not the first guy to write that,” Murphy said in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Schumer wasted no time tweeting back a succinct, yet restrained, reply to the dig at her so-called promiscuity.

Sure, Murphy’s comment plays into a “trainwreck” persona that Schumer often messes around with as a comedian, but it’s an insult nonetheless. Thankfully, the budding film critic quickly realized that and promptly tweeted an apology to Schumer.

Props to Schumer for keeping her cool and turning a tasteless comment into a teachable moment. And let this be a lesson that making sexist jokes at someone’s expense — even if they’re a celebrity who you doubt would ever check their mentions on Twitter — shouldn't be tolerated.