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Adele Cracks A Dirty Joke During A Mid-Concert Power Outage

'I might offend someone...'

Whether she's belting her heart out or fighting off invasive winged creatures, there's never a dull moment when Adele's onstage. So during a temporary power outage during her show in Adelaide, Australia, Monday night (March 13), the singer dazzled the crowd by workshopping her stand-up comedy routine.

"So we're having a technical difficulty," she told the crowd. "I'm not quite sure what it is. Shall I try and tell some jokes? Shall I tell you my filthy joke despite all the children here? I need more applause than that because I might offend someone."

And then she unleashed this groaner: "What do you call a blonde standing on her head? A brunette with bad breath." A very dirty joke, indeed! Not that many of the children in the audience would've understood it. At least, I hope not?

After wowing the crowd with her bawdy sense of humor, Adele got back to her other talent: singing. Later in the show, she apologized and said the five-minute outage was caused by a revolving set piece that accidentally pulled the power plug.

"I won't be revolving that stage again, will I?" she joked. "I've had an amazing time. Thank you for your patience with my absolutely useless banter and thank you for putting up with some terrible jokes."