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Are You The One: Second Chances Is Coming To MTV

Find out which fan-favorite perfect matches are returning on March 22

Are You the One? is responsible for bringing 52 perfect matches together -- but what will happen when 10 fan-favorite (and scientifically proven compatible) twosomes get a second chance at love and cash? We're about to find out -- with the brand-new spin-off series Are You The One: Second Chances. No Truth Booth or light beams needed, folks!

Beginning on March 22, 20 men and women (we'll get to the cast reveal in a minute) will vie for the title of top couple. But unlike their previous dating adventures, not everyone will win together and it’s every duo for themselves. How it'll work: The guy/gal teams will compete in a litany of games designed to test the strength of their bonds. Each week, the victors will be rewarded with cash, and one (im)perfect match will be sent packing until the sole perfect match remains.

And now, the lucky pairs -- which feature those who felt a true romantic spark, ones who insist they’re only friends and pairs who never got the chance to explore their connections.

Shanley and Adam (Season 1)

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Ellie and Nathan (Season 2)

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Devin and Rashida (Season 3)

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Mikala and Cameron (Season 4)

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Kaylen and Asaf (Season 4)

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Tori and Morgan (Season 4)

James Hartley

Francesca and Giovanni (Season 4)

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3 TBA Couples (Season 5)

A few other rules from the competition, which will be hosted by Real World: Philadelphia cast member and notable MTV alum Karamo Brown (the first openly gay African American in the history of reality TV):

1) The matches will compete in unique missions designed to help them understand how meaningful relationships develop and will test them on areas like traveling as a couple, making sacrifices, managing money, communication and more.

2) The more missions each match wins, the more they learn about each other and the more loot they bank -- making them safe from elimination.

3) Each week, the match in last place enters “The Choice,” where they must individually decide between stealing their winnings earned until that point and going home, or sharing their jackpot and staying in the game.

4) If one person chooses to steal, they get to walk away with the green -- but if both steal, it’s the ultimate betrayal and they’ll be sent home with nothing. Can love and trust prevail, or will greed send these matches packing?

Let the Boom Boom Room field trips games begin! Who are you excited to watch, and who do you think will emerge victorious? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to stay with MTV News as we approach the premiere of Are You the One: Second Chances on Wednesday, March 22 at 9/8c. And keep watching Are You the One? every Wednesday at 9/8c leading up to this exciting debut (six of 'em will be on this upcoming series)!