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No One Will Stop Lea Michele From Taking This Awkward Selfie On The Grammys Red Carpet

Rachel Berry is all of us

What do you do when you're looking fierce and want the entire world to know? You take a selfie, duh. And no other celeb has capitalized on the selfie market since Kim Kardashian's seflie hiatus quite like Lea Michele. The former Glee star loves a good selfie. But rarely do we get to see the behind-the-scenes process — until tonight, when Michele was caught in the act on the Grammys red carpet.

Work that Roberto Cavalli gown, Rachel Berry.

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We're used to seeing the finished product on the 'gram ... after it's been edited to within an inch of its superficial life. (Don't act like you don't add AT LEAST a filter to your selfies.) Then again, these selfies are typically taken in the comfort of one's bathroom, where the lighting is optimal. But let's not act like Michele wasn't living for this moment. She's LIVING FOR IT.

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Honestly, Michele is all of us on the Grammy Awards red carpet. Who hasn't been caught taking a selfie in a public environment? She has never been more relatable.

(As of print time, Michele has yet to post her selfie on Instagram or Snapchat. We're waiting, girl.)