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Ariana Grande And Stevie Wonder Jam With Animals In The Adorable ‘Faith’ Video

Best backup band ever

The only thing better than watching Ariana Grande jam out with her idol Stevie Wonder is watching both Ariana and Stevie jam with about a dozen cartoon animals.

That's exactly what the intergenerational pair get up to in their new video for "Faith," released a few days ahead of the movie Sing. Ariana strolls down a city street wearing overalls and super cool sunglasses, only to find she's being pursued by critters who come to life as drawings on the side of the buildings she walks past. Once she's inside the concert hall with Stevie, though, those animals bloom into their full three dimensions.

What was a charming duet becomes a full-on ensemble number thanks to the talents of a gorilla, a porcupine, a mouse, and a few pigs. Who could ask for a better backup band?