Alessia Cara Grows Up In Front Of Our Eyes in ‘Seventeen’ Video

We see you with that Grammy, girl

Life comes at ya fast, and nothing captures that more than Alessia Cara’s new “Seventeen” video.

The Know-It-All singer ages before our eyes in the clever visual, which begins with her as a young girl and follows her transformation to a preteen, a young woman, a middle-aged mother, and an older woman. At one point, she’s all glammed up and holding a Grammy (pretty ironic, considering she was just snubbed for Best New Artist). “It symbolizes my hopes for long-term success in my career,” the 20-year-old wrote on Twitter. “Putting it out into the universe, in other words.”

Here’s hoping Cara gets her dream — clearly, she’s well on her way.

On Vevo, Cara paired the new video with a sweet message to her fans, writing, “It’s a personal song and video for me (starring my family and friends, as usual) and I’m excited it’s finally out for u guys to see. Hope it’ll remind u to enjoy all the little moments in life, especially this time of year. Thank u for making mine that much more special. Happy holidays & enjoy the video.”