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Ryan Adams Is Taking A Break From Covering Taylor Swift To Write Songs For Cats

He’s shared his first new song since his divorce from Mandy Moore

Ryan Adams, dedicated Taylor Swift cover artist and Bryan Adams birthday sharer, has a new album coming out in February called Prisoner. It's his first collection of original songs since he split with ex-wife Mandy Moore, and you can bet it's going to contain a heavy dose of breakup tunes.

"I started writing this record while I was going through a very public divorce, which is a humiliating and just a fucking horrible thing to go through no matter who you are," Adams told The Japan Times. "To be me and to go through that the way that I did was destructive on a level that I can’t explain."

He's already shared one song from the album, "Do You Still Love Me?"

The songwriter also did an exclusive interview with internet-famous cat Lil Bub on her talk show. He talked about how he loves sad songs and how he's a secret goth, and he also penned a brand new tune on the fly for his new feline friend.

Also, Lil Bub asked Adams the single most pressing question on everyone's minds right now: "Are you spayed?"

"Emotionally, yes," Adams replied.