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Solange Reveals Why Master P’s Influence Was Golden On Her Latest Album

She tells Questlove how the rapper’s ‘regal ways’ shaped ‘A Seat at the Table’

Solange’s voice is front and center on her latest album, A Seat at the Table, but the voice of one of the most respected rappers in the game played a pivotal part, and she was more than happy to tell Questlove all about it.

For a special conversation on the Pandora radio show “Questlove Supreme,” Solange went deep on the album — its inspirations, the process that went into it, etc. When Master P’s involvement in Seat came up, the artist revealed that her appreciation for Master P goes way, way back, and that his influence covers more than one generation of the Knowles family.

“I think Master P is incredibly regal, and there was a thread of regality I wanted to connect to the album and the visuals,” she told the “Questlove Supreme” crew. “I really wanted to present black people as, you know, [the] regal, stately beings that we are. I think that regality that can be expressed in so many different ways.”

And there’s one particularly regal image Solange recalls: “I remember, and this might be generational, seeing MTV Cribs with Master P on it and him having, like, a gold toilet seat, all gold everything, and being incredibly ornate.”

The admiration didn’t stop at P’s throne, though. “I also remember my father really looking up to Master P because he was a black man who entered this music industry and this landscape completely independent, and he held on to his independence, and that was important for my father who was someone who was transitioning as someone who was a music executive and learning the business,” she shared. “He had a great deal of respect for Master P and I would hear about that.”

“I see a lot of similarities between my father and him,” Solange said later, “the empowerment of being a self-made black man and navigating through that.”