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Lupe Fiasco’s New Song Makes You Wonder What It Means To Be ‘Made In The USA’

Let Professor Lupe teach you a little lesson about the States ...

A longtime master of thought-provoking rhymes, Lupe Fiasco has come through yet again with a new razor-sharp track.

“Made in the USA” is essentially a history and geography lesson about what it means to be ... well ... made in the USA. Over aggressive, trap-like production courtesy of Streetrunner, Lupe runs through the homegrown products prominent in the States, from drugs to guns to hip-hop. “My glock came from Smyrna, Georgia / My F-15 from California / My cocaine came from Arizona / But it's made in the USA,” he raps, leaving us to wonder whether we should feel proud or guilty of what our country has created.

“Made in the USA” comes after Lupe shared “Pick Up the Phone” back in August. The Chicago rapper failed on his promise to drop three new albums in 2016, but according to Complex, he'll be releasing his Drogas Light LP early next year.