Joe Lederer/Netflix

Neil Patrick Harris Changes Costumes Like 1,000 Times In A Series Of Unfortunate Events Trailer

We also meet several new characters

At long last, it looks like we're getting the perfect adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events we've been waiting for. Come January 13, we can all just pretend the 2004 movie adaptation never happened.

On Thursday (November 17), Netflix dropped the official trailer for the upcoming show — exactly two weeks after giving us a first look at Neil Patrick Harris as the vile Count Olaf.

In the new vid, we meet several major characters who drift in and out of the poor Baudelaire orphans' lives, including Mr. Poe (K. Todd Freeman) Justice Strauss (Joan Cusack), Uncle Monty (Aasif Mandvi), Aunt Josephine (Alfre Woodard), and Dr. Orwell (Catherine O'Hara). Moreover, we see several of Count Olaf's obvious disguises — well, obvious to the clever Baudelaire orphans, that is.

Get ready, because greedy Count Olaf has a serious ax to grind. Check out the trailer above.