Meet The Artists Who Painted The Oval Office Red, White, And Blue On Election Night

MTV teamed with artist collective 1xRUN for a colorful election night special

If you watched MTV’s election-night special, you might have noticed the Oval Office looking a little more colorful than it usually does. MTV teamed with Detroit-based arts collective 1xRUN (that’s pronounced “one time run”) to decorate a full-scale replica of the president’s workplace with illustrations of the political issues that matter the most to them.

Artists Layqa Nuna Yawar, Sydney James, Denial, and ABCNT painted the office with graffiti-style artwork, addressing political goals like privacy, anti-racism, the fight against police brutality, LGBTQ rights, and women’s bodily autonomy. The contrast of the Oval Office’s immediately recognizable architecture with the artists’ radical messages was a powerful reminder of how much work there still is to do beyond election night.

Watch a time-lapse video below of the four 1xRUN alumni transforming the Oval Office into a colorful beacon of hope.