The Mom From Wizards Of Waverly Place Just Solved The Show’s Big Food Mystery

Did the Russos only eat food from the Waverly Sub Station?

Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place ended four years ago, yet one fan simply cannot let go of this ~gaping~ plot hole. Johnni Macke wrote an article for People’s Choice, venting about how she still needs to know if the Russo clan ever ate any food that didn’t come from the Waverly Sub Station.

To be fair, Macke makes a good point. I’ve been watching some WOWP episodes lately and noticed they DO always just eat at the family sandwich restaurant — and eating the same thing all the time would quickly get boring. “If the Russo crew ate at their own restaurant all the time, then when did they try other types of cuisine?” Macke wondered. “Did they order in Chinese food when I wasn’t looking?”

I don’t know about all that, but I did see an episode where Selena Gomez ate something out of a cereal bowl, which is presumably not a sandwich. I hope.


Maria Canals-Barrera, who played mom Theresa Russo on the series, weighed in on the topic on Friday (November 4), succinctly explaining the food situation. Don’t worry, fam, the Russos got the home-cookin’ experience, even if you never saw it happen. The episodes are only 22 minutes without commercials, after all.

Now that that mystery’s solved, let’s move on to a more vital question: When are we getting a TV reunion?