Bill McCay/Getty Images

Videohead: Myths, Cults, And Good Charlotte

Josh Madden and Jodi Wille guest on this episode of MTV’s music video podcast

This week’s episode of “Videohead” deals with cults, iconic imagery, mythmaking, and, of course, music videos. Our first guest is filmmaker Jodi Wille, who co-directed The Source Family, a 2012 documentary about Father Yod, the eccentric leader of a spiritual community of artists, rich kids, and musicians in 1970s California. Wille’s first paid gig behind the camera was was for R.E.M.’s video for “Find the River” in 1994, which led to a career as a prominent video director and rock band photographer. We talk about the similarities between bands and cults, and the iconography and image creation that go into both.

Later in the show, we meet Josh Madden, the older brother of Good Charlotte’s Joel and Benji Madden. His twin siblings are the face of the pop-punk band, but Josh has played a huge role in Good Charlotte’s career, from their creation in suburban Maryland in the mid-1990s, through their breakthrough in the early 2000s, right up to the present day. As a key player in the band’s offstage work — music videos, merchandise, helping young bands break — Josh is a big reason why Good Charlotte have seen so much success and longevity.