Mean Girls’s Cady And Aaron Reunited For A FaceTime Date

He still looks sexy with his hair pushed back

Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett have come a long way since their Mean Girls characters, Cady Heron and Aaron Samuels, bonded over October 3. Who could forget this relationship milestone?

Plus, their chemistry was undeniable in this totally grool scene:


It's been over a decade since Mean Girls hit theaters in 2004, but it's never too late for a reunion. Lohan and Bennett didn't keep in touch over the years, but an old friend convinced Bennett to give her a call this week. So on Thursday (October 7) — just four days after their magical date — they FaceTimed, and Lohan shared a screenshot on Instagram.

Looks like Bennett took Regina and Cady's advice to push his hair back very seriously, as his shaggy bangs are long gone.