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Idina Menzel’s Son Totally Uses ‘Let It Go’ To Flirt With His Fellow Kids

Idina and Miley bond over ‘Frozen’ and being ‘servants of Disney,’ too

When Ellen DeGeneres called in sick for her own show and Miley Cyrus took up her hosting duties, she had the Voice coach/judge ask a very serious — and competitive — question for guest Idina Menzel. Which Disney flick does her son, Walker, prefer: Frozen or Finding Dory?

Menzel — voice of Elsa, Frozen's lead character, and the singer behind "Let It Go," that ageless hit that will be sung at kid's parties and musical theater conservatory auditions forever and ever until the end of time — totally gets why her kid likes Ellen's movie more. It doesn't involve "mommy singing," which he's apparently over, but he does use his madre's accomplishments to his advantage.

"I'm sorry, Disney, but he's sick of 'Let It Go!'" she told Miley. "He hates mommy singing. He loves Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, all of it. Even though he hates it, he will, on occasion, be caught flirting with a young kindergartner. ... He was like, 'Hey, you want my mommy's autograph? She's Elsa in Frozen."

Walker, that's cold. When talk of a potential Frozen sequel and Elsa's sexual orientation came up, Idina goes on to joke that she has no idea about either development, even though she's a "servant of Disney," an occupation Miley can totally relate to. "Honey, trust — that makes two of us. Welcome. No one knows that better than me, baby."

Indeed. (Bet she's just as sick of "The Climb" as Idina is of "Let It Go.")