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Kim Kardashian Is Having A Major Alanis Morissette Moment

Stars: they drive around blasting the radio like it’s 1998 just like us

Everyone has a go-to Alanis Morissette song. “You Oughta Know” is great for those post-heartbreak moments when you hate everything. “Ironic” is ideal for karaoke and sing-alongs. And “Uninvited?” It’s not just a late-’90s rom-com soundtrack staple but a favorite track for a famous fan.

Kim Kardashian rediscovered the 1998 single off the City of Angels soundtrack while driving around Los Angeles, and dedicated a few of her snaps on August 12 to singing Alanis’s praises.

She loved the song so much she played it again once she could lounge about and apply an appropriate filter. (The flower crown suits the track’s ethereal vibe to a T.)

This may be Kim’s most smoldering lip-dub ever, and definitely an out-of-left-field pick. Who knows? Maybe a Kanye-Alanis collaboration awaits in the not-so-distant future — or a selfie for Kim with the Jagged Little Pill popper herself.