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Cara Delevingne Explains Why She Spoke Up About Her Depression: ‘I Couldn’t Just Sit There’

Cara talks about coming out on the other side of depression

And you thought she was done. Cara Delevingne is back with yet another magazine cover for the very important month of September, wearing sequined Saint Laurent for Elle.

While Cara's been keeping busy with acting and modeling, she's also become an advocate for mental health, sharing her struggle with depression openly.

"I couldn't just sit there and listen to these girls, and boys, too, but usually girls, say this stuff, about bullying, about their sexuality, depression, and guilt and suicidal thoughts and just all of it, without being like, 'I have been through that, and it's going to be okay,'" she told Elle. "If I can help a teenager go through a better time than they should be, then I am going to fucking do that."

If anyone is proof that they can come out on the other side of terrible teenagedom, it's Cara.