A Fan Perfectly Called Out Raviv Ullman’s Clueless Pixel Perfect Character

This movie is the very definition of ‘friend-zoning’

If the DCOM Pixel Perfect taught us anything, it's that nothing good can come from bringing holographic people into the world, because they'll just end up messing with your love life.

Pixel Perfect was a prime example of friend-zoning to the extreme. Seriously, Sam (Leah Pipes) wrote a song called "Notice Me," and Roscoe (Raviv Ullman) still didn't get it. Instead, he crushed on Loretta (Spencer Redford) — the freakin' hologram — even after Sam pointed out that Loretta wasn't actually real.

On Sunday (July 10), this fan decided to speak for the masses and give Ullman a piece of her mind about his insensitive, clueless character.

Ullman sent the tweet to his former costar, who was definitely pleased that someone was brave enough to speak up for Sam 12 years later.

Well done, Kristin. 👏