This 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Mini-Reunion Will Make You Scream -- See The Pics

'One of us! One of us!'

Every year since 1987, people meet in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate Dragon Con, a fan-led convention for all pop culture enthusiasts. This year, members of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" graced the convention with their presence, and took some ~horrifying~ photos together.

The hit FX show's fourth season focused around a troupe of performing side-show characters, and Naomi Grossman (Pepper), Mat Fraser (Paul the Illustrated Seal), Rose Siggins (Legless Suzi) and Erika Ervin (Amazon Eve) met fans and shared a bunch of photos on social media during the event.

For starters, they're stoked for the "AHS: Hotel" premiere on October 7.

They were greeted by tons of "AHS" fans at their panel session. Naturally, they got Ervin — the tallest of the group — to take a selfie of everyone.

Some of the cosplayers were no joke, including this one fan who dressed up as Amazon Eve. Ervin clearly gave her a 10/10.

Then, they snapped this pic, and it's like seeing twins.

At one point, Siggins decided she was now the new Pepper. (Sorry, Naomi.)

Grossman met up with two Twisty the Clown cosplayers, and we briefly feared for her safety.

Everyone struck super cute poses, because #FriendshipGoals.

The group (minus Ervin) ended the Con by piling into a car and not wanting to go home.

Pepper's facial expression from "AHS: Asylum" easily conveys our emotions about this mini-reunion.