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Who's Been In The Most DCOMs? An Unofficial Tally

Fact: It's none of the people in the above photo 😜

Adventures in Babysitting premiered last Friday (June 24), which means we now have 100 Disney Channel Original Movies produced over the course of nearly two decades. But who's been in the most DCOMs? Who's the biggest veteran? Let's investigate.

Now, I certainly didn't track every person with a DCOM credit on IMDb, but I did comb through way too many celebs' resumes to uncover a feasible answer. Based on my research, and @DisneyRewind's recent tweet, the answer seems to be none other than Tom Virtue.

The dad on Even Stevens appeared in six DCOMs, starting with the alleged first one (by Disney's word anyway). Here they are.

  1. Disney

    Virtue opened the film by playing the dad in the movie the lead kids watched. His character got attacked by a monster who broke through a window. Savage.

  2. Disney

    Virtue portrayed the boring science teacher who inadvertently supplied the worms that the Soul Skaters put in bully Val's (Sam Horrigan) sandwich.

  3. Disney

    Virtue was the investment banker that Michael Woods (Joey Lawrence) went to when he wanted to get money from his trust fund so his family could save their ranch.

  4. Disney

    In this forgotten DCOM classic, Virtue was the announcer for the soapbox derby championship.

  5. Disney

    Reprising his role as Steve Stevens, Virtue had to survive on a "deserted" island with the rest of his family, though unbeknownst to them, they were actually on a reality TV show.

  6. Disney

    Virtue's final DCOM role (as of 2016) was Ralph Bartlett, the owner of a pizza restaurant and dad to Jamie (Kay Panabaker). He was the guy who thought liver and onion pizza sounded appetizing.

Thanks for the DCOM memories, Tom! Please make more.


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