7 Emotions We Felt During The Latest Episode Of Scream ('Fear' Is A Given)

Let's get clinical about this, shall we?

Almost 40 years ago, psychologist Robert Plutchik developed a revolutionary theory that became one of the world's most influential classification approaches for general emotional responses. The root of his concept: There are eight primary emotions. And during tonight's episode of Scream, we felt every. single. one. of. them.

Well, almost. Here are the seven emotions that gave us seven different cases of the feels -- plus the one that didn't. Check them out, let us know which YOU felt, and catch another bloody Scream on Tuesday at 10/9c!

  1. Surprise

    The moment we felt it: When Emma found the dearly departed Jake's phone in her backpack, proving that this season's killer is gonna f*ck with her mind aaaaalll over again.

  2. Joy

    The moment we felt it: When Emma bitch-slapped Prank Girl (aka Haley, the beeyatch who tricked Audrey into thinking the killer was attacking her in the season premiere).

  3. Fear

    The moment we felt it: When Emma opened those blinds and saw the killer tapping his knife against the window. Yeah, that's a little alarming.

  4. Disgust

    The moment we felt it: When Stavo was drawing a picture of a decapitated Zoe. That's totally messed up, but we still don't think he deserved to get his ass kicked.

  5. Anger

    The moment we felt it: When Jake's text messages showed that Mayor Maddox had sent him to Wren Lake Estates -- aka the place where he was captured by the killer. #ItsAllHisFault #ThisIsSuspicious #BrookesDadIsADbag

  6. Sadness

    The moment we felt it: When Brooke slowly waded into the school's swimming pool, submerged herself under water and wept for The Jake. Come on, you cried a little too.

  7. Anticipation

    The moment we felt it: When Noah stole Audrey's phone and saw all the evidence of her misdeeds. Who else can't wait to see what happens now that Miss Jensen's secrets are finally being exposed? #busted

Oh yeah, the eighth emotion on Plutchik's list? "Trust." And we sure as hell aren't feeling any of that. Never forget: