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It's Not 2002, But This Is A New Cam'ron And Juelz Santana Song

Oh, yeah

Do not proceed here unless you're willing to time travel.

That's the feeling you'll get when listening to "Oh Yeah," Cam'ron's new song featuring Juelz Santana (fresh off of Drake's name-drop in "Hype").

The two longtime friends and groupmates -- with collaborative hits like "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma" and plenty of less widely heralded fan favorites on their résumé -- rarely reunite musically these days, but they did on Thursday. And it's not simply the fact that the two Diplomats are back on the same track together that's noteworthy; "Oh Yeah" sounds like it could have been released a decade and some change a ago when these two were near the top of the game, innovating musically and stylistically. That throwback quality here is not a detriment, but an asset -- a reminder of all they've done in the past, and that there's more possible down the line.

Killa tells Complex he decided to drop the song in anticipation of heading out on The Smoker's Club Tour later this month. Not that he needed a reason.