Scream Sneak Peek: Someone Knows What Audrey Did Last Summer

Looks like Ms. Jensen is Season 2's main target: bullseye!

Now that's what you called busted.

In last year's Season 1 finale of Scream, Noah's BFF Audrey revealed that she had a sinister connection to Piper (aka the beeyotch who turned out to be killing, like, almost everyone in Lakewood): At the very end of the episode, she was shown burning letters she'd exchanged with the podcaster-turned-slasher, plus official sheriff’s department notes on the original Brandon James case.

But apparently, destroying evidence via an open flame wasn't enough to keep her secret: Someone knows what she did last summer.

*cue suspense-filled sound effect*

In a brand-new sneak peek of Scream's Season 2, below, Ms. Jensen gets a buzz from a person using a voice modulator app -- déjà vu to aaaaaall the phone calls Emma received last year from the killer/Piper -- and it's apparent that this nutjob is going to target Audrey for a whole new season full of taunts and terror.

"Thought you could get away with murder, didn't you?" the creeper asks. "Well, you can't."

Anyone else feeling bad for Audrey right about now? Or does she totally kinda deserve it? Watch the clip, then give us your opinion. And get ready for the looooong-awaited Season 2 premiere of Scream on Monday, May 30 at 11/10c!