Someone Call Drake Because Josh Peck Is Awkwardly Grinding To Justin Bieber

His hips don't lie, but maybe they should?

What do you mean Josh Peck dances like an awkward middle schooler? Blasphemy!

The former Drake & Josh star probably should have gone over some choreography with Drake Parker before attempting to grind to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" on Lip Sync Battle. But what's done is done. Megan, shield your innocent eyes. This isn't pretty.

Peck and his questionable hip spasms will face off against his former Grandfathered (R.I.P.) costar Christina Milian, who's pulling out all the stops for her performance of Jennifer Lopez's 1999 hit "Waiting For Tonight." Here's hoping Peck has time to work this move into his second routine:

Seriously, someone get Drake Bell on the phone immediately.