Jason Derulo’s ‘If It Ain’t Love’ Video Is For Everyone With A Workplace Crush Fantasy

Watch JD turn his office into an after-hours rave for two

In his new video for “If It Ain’t Love,” Jason Derulo is like the rest of us: When the clock strikes 6 p.m. and the work day is done, he just wants to party his face off. But, unlike the rest of us, his post-work celebrations include turning the office into a frisky rave, complete with strobe lights, expensive vodka, and Inception-style dance sequences. (Where can we apply for this company?!)

Derulo is dapper as hell and all suited up in the vid, but not for long. When he catches a female coworker’s eye, they waste no time making out on top of the copy machines and crawling up the walls like a pair of sexy spider monkeys. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s more unbelievable: the fact that they’re literally dancing on the ceiling, or that her impeccable top bun stays firmly in place the whole time. I’ll have whatever hairspray she’s having, please.