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Now You Can Finally See Inside The Met Gala — And Get A New Remix From The Weeknd, Too

Abel and Nas get fancy and collaborative

Us regular folks don't ever really get a glimpse inside the Met Gala, the annual event jam-packed with big-name celebrities. They swing through the red carpet, show off their outfits, and head inside for what one can only imagine is a combination of A Night at the Museum and that one party you least remember.

The same was true of last night's event, though we did get a brief glimpse of what it looks like inside the towering walls on Fifth Avenue -- and some new music along with it.

Following in the footsteps of Rihanna last year and Frank Ocean in 2014, The Weeknd hit the stage to provide a little musical entertainment, and he also provided a twist: He brought Nas out as a surprise guest, who debuted a verse for a remixed version of Abel's "Tell Your Friends."

Watch below, and tell your friends you've (sort of) been inside the Met Gala.