Turns Out Sansa Stark Can Do A Pretty Mean Jon Snow Impression

Also watch her lip sync to Justin Bieber

Sophie Turner has a silly side you don't often see -- mostly because when she's on screen, she's hanging around with the worst people Westeros has to offer.

The actress, who rose to fame as Sansa Stark on Game Of Thrones, was interviewed by fashion outlet NET-A-PORTER about playing a Stark and her upcoming turn as '80s Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse.

She was also convinced to do a few impressions: First, Turner channeled her maybe-dead half-brother Jon Snow to the tune of Adele's Adele's "Hello." Then, she tried some truly unfortunate impressions of Wolverine and Professor X.

But the best part? Turner's lip sync to her favorite Justin Bieber song, "Love Me," performed with the enthusiasm of a true Belieber.

Watch the full video below.