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Post Malone Is Laughing At You Thinking He Chokeslammed Justin Bieber

That's his big brother, OK?

Many people would like to fight Justin Bieber. Post Malone, apparently, is not one of those people.

Speculation swirled on Wednesday that the "White Iverson" singer had attacked the Biebs, which was understandable, since a photo surfaced online that certainly appeared to show Post with his hand around the pop star's throat.

The pic popped up a day after TMZ posted a video of Bieber ashing a cigarette (or joint, or something lit) onto Post's arm.

But Posty claims it was all in good fun. These guys love each other. They're bros.

He makes some valid points. I mean, if this was really some sort of attack, someone would have stepped in, right? No one around looks particularly concerned. And considering the amount of celebrity in that section, there had to be enough camera phones flashing to capture the incident from at least 54 distinct angles. Maybe a video of a chokeslam will surface, but not yet.

Besides, seriously, these guys are bros. Look.