BreX/Instagram / Kevin Kane/WireImage

An Artist Transformed Female Pop Singers Into Pokémon Gym Leaders

Move over Misty, Erika, and Sabrina; there are new leaders in town

Oops!... The Internet did it again. It played with our (nostalgic) hearts, and now we're lost in this game art.

Bruno Alexander, better known as BreX online, mashed up two of our favorite things: Pop singers and Pokémon. His new series, Pop GYM Leaders, transforms some of music's hottest artists into Pokémon gym leaders. And surprisingly, it totally fits.

BreX told MTV News thathis inspiration for the series stemmed from a previous project of his titled, "Sia — 1000 Forms of Pokémon," which involved him mashing up Maddie Ziegler — the girl from Sia's music videos — with Pokémon.

After receiving positive responses from that series, BreX said he wondered, "Why not [transform] her and other pop artists into GYM Leaders? They have the looks, they have the personalities, and people would love to see their idols in the game!"

BreX has illustrated five female singers so far, and plans to do lots more in the future.

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