Wait, Did America Declare Independence From North Nebraska?

MTV2's Binge Thinking lets unsuspecting (and drunk) Philadelphians tell the story of America's independence

Following many struggles and dreams of freedom, our forefathers declared independence in 1776 from the oppressive mother country England. Or was it Europe? Or North Nebraska? Or the Native Americans?

On MTV2's newest show, Binge Thinking, rapper Mac Lethal and badass Amber Diamond visit cities across America quizzing unassuming locals (who've had a few drinks) about anything from pop culture to history to physical stunts. In the first episode, our hosts scour the streets of Philadelphia to find out: "What country did America declare its independence from in 1776?" And Philly locals had some shocking answers.

Be sure to catch Binge Thinking's premiere tonight (April 1) on MTV2 at 11:30/10:30c, and tune in every Friday to see if we really are a little smarter after several drinks.