I Love You (Ant) Man: Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones Making a Threepeat?

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Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones are both charming and funny in their similarly understated ways, and what's better is that they work together pretty dang well, as evidenced by "I Love You, Man" and "Our Idiot Brother."

Now the pretty pair is said to be preparing for another on-screen reunion — this time within the Marvel Universe.

According to a report over at Schmoes Know, a "very reliable source" has spilled the magic movie beans to share that Rudd and Jones are near to closing on the big roles of Dr. Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne in Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man." That's right, two of your pretend besties are (maybe!) about to become insectazoid superheroes, if the rumors hold up, and yes, you love it already.

If the report is accurate, it shouldn't come as too much of a shocker to anyone keeping score on this project since earlier this month Rudd was said to be a top candidate for the central role in the insectazoid superhero flick, alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ms. Jones has been buzzing for the lady Wasp part for a while as well. Apparently, Edgar Wright is more interested in a wise-ass hero style as opposed to your traditional beefcake sort (so nothing from the Chris Hemsworth/Chris Evans stock, then).

Let's just say we 100 percent approve of this potential decision and even believe there are a few carryover lines from the last two Rudd-Jones mashups that might just fit within Wright's haha-tastic take on"Ant-Man." (Guys, guys: I Love You (Ant) Man." You're welcome.)








Too silly? Ah well, we tried.

(And we've tried reaching out to both Jones and Rudd's reps for comment. We'll update when we hear back.)

"Ant-Man" will hit theaters on July 31, 2015.

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