Imagining the 'Seinfeld' Movie Posters: Part II

Last month through a series of fake movie posters we answered the question you've no doubt been asking yourself for the last 15 years: What if someone took the stars of today and cast them in the hilarious made-up films mentioned on "Seinfeld"?

And while the reception was hugely positive, a few fan favorites didn't quite make the cut, resulting in cries of "What about 'The Pain and the Yearning'?" and "How could you forget 'Firestorm'?" being heard across the Internet.

But worry not, insatiable Seinfeld geeks — your requests haven't fallen on deaf ears. Here are the remaining fake Seinfeld movies cast with your favorite Hollywood stars.

Blame It On the Rain

The Other Side of Darkness

Brown Eyed Girl


Cold Fusion

Mountain High

The Muted Heart

Chow Fun

The Pain and the Yearning

Agent Zero